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Aim to do better

Dévier studios, CSR

At Dévier studios we take pride in everything we create, with the intention to continually do what we do better. We are on a journey and are also learning along the way. We care about people and the planet, knowing that small things do matter. We are committed to leaving as little a trace as possible, in the creation of a collection with a small footprint but a big impact.


Mutual respect.

We believe in emotional connections and see everyone in the process as a colleague and part of our team. We take pride in what we do, fostering relationships with real people in the creation of the collection. We seek to acquire certification for materials and producers to ensure that the garments are made with the highest possible standards with the cleanest of consciences.

Alternative solutions

We all have to start somewhere, currently our collection is created from 20-25% sustainable materials, with an intention to continually improve on this. By thinking holistically, we try to see the bigger picture, so we can make improvements and adjustments to our processes for the better of the environment. We are committed to finding alternative and more sustainable solutions, without compromising on style.

Every day we aim to do something in our process a little better. Sometimes they may only be small steps, but every step counts as it brings us further on our sustainable fashion journey.


Please read more in our Code of Conduct.

For further information about our chemical standards, please read our Restricted Substance List.

If you have any specific questions about our Code of Conduct or our Restricted Substance List, you are welcome to write to us at: